Detecting other players in a zone

I want to make a player counter, but instead, it counts players in a zone. How do i do that?

Another Question

How do i make it so a popup tracks the player counter on the zone?

Counter wired to a zone player enters zone--> increment counter
Player leaves zone–> decrement counter
Everything is Global scoped

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Yeah, but the counter keeps counting until the player leaves. How do i make the counter not do that?

Is it connected to a repeater?

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Do you have multiple zones?

Player enters zone → increment counter

Player leaves zone → decrement counter

Do you mean an overlay when you say popup?

It shouldn’t keep counting unless the zone is being turned on an off

No, popup.

you can use an item tracker and when counter incriments, you could make it so that an item that is not droppable is put into the playes inventory.