Designing tips (Needs Help)

Does anyone have any tips on designing house interiors?

Use plastic terrains to make carpet. For house appliances use desks, sofas, etc.

How to build a house you can walk into| TUTORIAL | Difficulty:🟩 This might help

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I have my house I just need decoration

But thank you @I-am-helpful

In the guide it has good decor

Yeah but I need to work on the inside, not outside

Wait wrong guide there is one

How to build a house you can walk into ch. 2 | TUTORIAL | Difficulty:🟩 There we go

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You can use barriers on different layers for a rug.

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Make a bed.

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If you made the floor 3(middle layer) you can get different color grass and put it as 4(upper) and put carpet and it looks really nice