Design ideas with Graphics/Functions

Okay, guys, so today we are going to do a few different designs as well as a bit of mechanics. Feel welcome to scroll until you find something interesting. Here is the first thing we are going to do today:
Barrel With Removable Lid


You will need:
-2 barrels (Different types, one with a lid, and one without)
-1 Circular Shield. (Make sure that it is the brown one with the metal trimming, but not the one with the bolt in the center.)


-1 button

Okay, now let’s start building. Here is how it works.


Before we start working, we need to set up a few things. First, make it so the barrel without the shield AND the lid aren’t on at the beginning of the game. If wanted, rename the button so it will say something like “take off lid” or have it say something like that. Good job! Please continue.


Set the button to transmit on “Remove Lid” or any other specially made channel. Set the lidless barrel to appear on this channel, as well as the shield. Now, do the same with the barrel with the lid but have it disappear on the signal. But also have the button disappear on this channel too. You can set other things to happen when you take off the lid, but that is all I have for now. Reply if you have anything that would be cool to build!

Fish Swimming Graphics
The point of this is to put a line of fish in a line, and have a good amount of wire repeaters in to put on a delay before making the next fish disappear. Let’s get started!


-You won’t need Props, but feel free to add water terrain to make the design look better.


-about 7-8 fish
-as many wire repeaters as fish
-Life Cycle


First, place down the text and make sure it is off on game start. Put in a fish emoji, and set the text size to 75. (The emoji shortcut is shift+search+space). the fish in a line. For organization, put each wire repeaters above its’ assigned fish. Place down the lifecycle and make sure that it is listening for game start. Wire the lifecycle to one of the wire repeaters and its’ assigned fish emoji. (You can do this to two of them, if you want two fish to swim at the same time). Wire each wire repeater to the next wire repeater. At the last repeater, loop it back to the start. Now, put a delay on each wire repeater. Try to make them the same. (The higher the delay, the slower the fish will appear to “swim”). Wire each wire repeaters to the fish below it to say “wire pulse repeated” then “hide text”. Then wire each wire repeaters to the text in FRONT of it and tell it to make the text appear. Good job! (Other things you can do will be in the next dropdown.) But overall, it should look like this:


-Add rocks near the endpoint of the river with a bunch of slightly transparent circle barriers. (This will look like mist.)
-Use different colors of water.
-Add “pond grass” to give it a better look.
-Make a button instead of a lifecycle to start the fish to swim.
-Make a gap with no fish, and layer a boardwalk on top of it to create a bridge. To make this more effective, make the water terrain a wall.

Farm Maze
This one is the most simple one yet. First, you just have to put on grid snap, then start placing 3-wide cornstalks. Make any pattern you want! But something I have found is that you can create almost like a secret passage by skipping 1 stalk while making a vertical wall. Make this the only way out? Add traps? Do anything! But here are a few tips:
-Never just do cornstalks. That looks way too plain. Add props! Ladybugs, hay, scarecrows…and more! One thing I have done is where you have to press a button to open up a small hole in the wall… barely noticeable!
-Add traps. Plenty of people have guides on traps, which I myself have used, which make the game more fun! Think of it like this: Pick the path and one of your friends/zones with lasers and delays are trying to kill you: you choose the wrong path and respawn!

Thank you for listening! (Please respond if you have any ideas)


Pictures are powerful!


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