Deleting multiple objects

Is there a way to delete multiple objects at the same time. I’'m not too sure if I am stupid or if there is no way. If anyone knows how, please comment with the way to do it.

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Welcome! If you Drag and Hold over items, it forms a blue square. Then click the delete button! Mark a solution!


I don’t remember the delete button existing if you just drag over multiple items, I think you just have to press the backspace button and some other thingamajig

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Just drag and hold, anything in the blue box can be deleted. correct me if im wrong

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The delete on a keyboard

according to google you just have to drag from the upper left/right corner of all the items you want to delete to the lower left/right corner and press “the delete button”. assuming thats a keyboard shortcut itd be impossible on mobile, but i dont know.

pretty sure it doesnt mean the erase button because i tried that and it didnt work

p.s. i just remembered theres an actual delete button a keyboard so nevermind thats what that means

For terrain you can make the area of deleting larger, if you set the eraser to on terrain and make the eraser size larger.

Why aren’t we aloud to say “B i gg er” ???

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probably a little too close to the other word

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