Deleting Dynamic Terrain Bug

When you press R (reload) when you have dynamic terrain in your hand, the game drop the dynamic terrain in that slot and you have no more dynamic terrain in that slot left.

Since when is R reload?
Do you mean on your computer, or in actual Gimkit?

Like reloading a weapon…

oooh. I didn’t know that :sheep:

Sheep are AMAZING


Can you still equip the dynamic terrain from the terrain section?

What do you mean? It just deletes the terrain from your inventory.

imagine if it’s just an Easter egg (probs not)
I imagine ur just shoving dirt into a gadget/or just eating dirt
lol this bug seems funneh to me idk why :slight_smile:

I mean can you still get the dynamic terrain from the terrain part in add?

I meant in game.

aw ._.
it just drops the dirt when I press r on the dirt for me

Best thing to do is email Gimkit.

Oh… Guess I might not have seen it drop. I just tested it again and it dropped.

im pretty sure this is because when jeff made dynamic terrrain, they used a gadget as a base (imean, rly, is jeff going to recode EVERYTHING or is he just going to base it off of smthing elese, imean, we can blame him for this)
and made a error when coding it so it does reload, but it removes the item…

wait ima go check.

like in dig it up? not in GKC?