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Emulating Stuff We Can’t Do

Ima just get straight into the guides coz yes.

Height (Platformer)

Height Emulation

Ah, the height tracker from DLD and Dig It Up.

The best we can do is place a waypoint on the ground, and as you go up, it will display how far you are from the ground.

Height Emulation Flaw(s)
Just some basic math here:
The waypoint will show the distance from you, not the height.

So the length of the hypotenuse.

So let’s say you’re actually 3 meters up, but 4 meters to the left/right of the waypoint. (I used 3 and 4 for easy calculation)

Using Pythagoream’s Thereom (which states for a right triangle with leg lengths a and b and hypotenuse length c, then a^2+b^2=c^2), we can figure out the hypotenuse.

3^2+4^2=c^2 Plug in values
9+16=c^2 Solve
25=c^2 Solve
sqrt(25)=c Take square root of both sides
c=5 Solve and flip sides

So, the waypoint displays 5 meters, not 3 meters (the correct one)

2nd Flaw

If you make a game like Dig It Up, where you can go below sea level, your waypoint will display a positive number if you go under it.

Here it is in Desmos:


bruh why shouldnt this be a wiki :skull:

anyways, I need to sleep see yall tomorrow

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Aren’t they coming out with a player position detecor?

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I think so

I smell wikis


wat did it say on the discord?


they said upd would be tomorrow right


From Updates.
Josh has heard our cries of outrage for a negative health granter


Alternatively, you could use a coordinate system for the platformer height, but filling up the whole map with zones on the x and y-axis is tedious and very, very memory-consuming. So, you could make multiple blocks as a meter and that’ll do.


we need more guides like this. 27 votes on the poll with 3 likes? guides with math in them need more love. i guess people are scared of math, (oooh scary), even though we learn the pythagoreams thereom in 5th grade. (at least for me.)
jokes aside, you did a nice job on this, can’t wait for it to be finished!

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@DXCTYPE I can make this a wiki if you want

sure ty just use the same title but remover “[WIP]”

Welp, there’s a device for that now.

oh yeah…

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Still, it’s a very interesting guide if you forget about the new device.


Well I’m going to add a section called emulating a gimkit creative emulator

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