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It’s a real-invisible laser. I know some of you already know but this is for people who don’t.

Get a laser and set it black, a straight black color, then hit play, I just figured this out!

How can I get a straight black laser?

Answer, you can’t. It’s not possible yet, soon it will. But a loophole is to make it just a little bit not black, that should work.

Does it work for white lasers the same way?

No, it’s just straight-up white. This is weird because that means straight-up black, should be black now clear its kinda confusing :confused:


Nice guide, though I feel there is already a guide on this.

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The other ones are with codes and devices, when all you need to do is this. I feel like its a waste of memory.

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First off, remove the forum-tips tag. This is about GKC, not the forums.
Second, there really doesn’t need to be a whole guide about this.
Sometimes, it’s best for people to learn how to do simple things like this on their own.


It’s also very short.
and it doesn’t really have any value… (no offense or anything)
Edit: is it just me, or is there way too many guides coming out currently and a portion of them don’t need to be made or are dupes.


BH quote that applies here:


Adding on (Yes this is very hypocritical of me): Help doesn’t mean giving people the answers but leading them in the right direction. So what we really should be doing in the forums is just giving hints towards the answer and not just giving them the answer. I hope this change might be made one day.

now that this has been brought up, i will start


i understand that this is off topic, but @Kosm0-o what happened to your profile pic?

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if you know, you know


i don’t know, i saw your pic before, and know i’m reading your posts, and saw that your pic is white


Is it Nonexisty?

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Great, now we just need to hide the laser end points.

Oh yeah, i noticed it’s too short. Can you add more stuff though?


My guide about putting a property on an overlay was flagged (I edited it to reinstate it), and this has even less content and still remains unflagged. I guess people don’t care about content and only care about space it takes on a screen.


What do you mean? Can you go back to your guide and click “View ignored Content” and screenshot what the guide was?

C-C is right, it’s kinda short. You could add examples, or what fox lookin (sorry C-C) suggested.

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@OOF, just so you know your name is in the screenshot.
And for grammarpolice, many people posted stuff like that on help topics, this one is more original.

Okay, but a problem I realized a long time ago is that adding an example is like using the words “really”, “like”, or “very” to prolong the length of an essay to meet a word count. At its core, it’s still the same thing, but just artificially longer. It still teaches the same thing, and putting an example really won’t prolong it that much. Yes, examples are very important for teaching, but I feel like in this case, the guide’s still going to be really short with one.


Fair enough.

I’m just used to these words you said, not so i could meet some word count. If i had to meet a word count, then that means i’m doing an essay that probably won’t be graded right now.

If you want to hide the laser end points, there’s an option for that.
It doesn’t turn off the end points’ collision though, which can get annoying.

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