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This is a deleted guide.
And my life is also deleted.

Wait, we can’t put our name there. It’s not a wiki

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Also, instead of crediting me, just put my topic in a onebox.
Also, isn’t this just a duplicate?

Can you make it one?

(Deleted by the author)

One what?

Then why do you have the same roles?

Because in a war, do you see aliens and footballs? No… you see soldiers, and generals, and snipers, and machinegunners.

Exactly, but if you have the same things, this guide is just a duplicate.

but not all of them will be exactly the same as yours

you know what, fine! I’ll just delete this guide. I’ve had enough with this.

  1. those were already in the guide and you could take the impractical ones for war games and the joke roles to customize it for a war game

  2. regulars can’t make other people’s posts wiki, only their posts, even if the person they are trying to make a wiki for is regular but thats just impractical cus they can make it themselves
    only tl4+ can self-wiki any topic

  3. don’t feel bad, just try to look around before you post because it might create unnecessary topics (i’m not saying yours is unnecessary, it’s that there’s already a guide for that and you can customize it and remove roles to fit your type of game.
    also, you might’ve thought to make a guide for war games because you’re supposed to follow a guide to a 1:1 ratio but that’s not it, a guide (not just in the forums) is supposed to give you a basic idea on what to do and to add/remove things based of your liking (and in this case, gkc on the type of game you’re making)


these are literally all already in gimsolver’s guide

and if you’re gonna delete this, DO IT

move it to devices, mark a solution, and delete it


I guess it was a wip and they intended to add more.

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sure, but they’re basic and can only edit for a day
also they can’t make it a wiki

they really shouldn’t have made this until they had at least one original idea
as i said, these are literally all already in your guide


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