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Face it, my friends are weird. I MEAN REALLY WEIRD. So I wanna trap them by using… (Drumroll please)… A TRAP!!! I know right? I’m so smart. I wanted my trap to catch them in the act of sussy behavior. so I made an elaborate plan to catch them all. I’m calling it “the totally not a trap trapper button!” Even smarter right??? if you have name Ideas put them in the comments and lets GOOOOO!!!

This isn’t really a guide unless there are clear instructions on how to do it. Or, are you asking for help with name ideas for your trap? If so, please put this in the help category next time.

If this is a joke, note that these things are off topic and not allowed.

For step one I wanted the crazy “sussy button” part, so I made 3 different ideas that would lure them in

sorry im new at guides and dont know how to create one, so I’m just trying my best

it was a guide not a help thing

Are you done with this guide yet? Are you planning to add instructions on how to make the trap?

im trying to add instructions

can you tell me how to create a guide?

There’s not much to it other than adding clear instructions on how to make it. You can edit them by clicking on the pencil icon on the post, but I recommend finishing it first before posting it next time since new users have an editing limit of 1 day.

ok, how do i delete this post?

You can no longer delete a post after there are comments on it, but if I may ask, how come you want to delete it?

to create a new one that is finished and better

You can still edit this one, you just have to do it within a day.

I’m sorry, it’s about 11:00 at night and neighbors are screaming cuss words out the window at each other, I’m just not having brain cells today.


Sorry to hear that. If you want to “delete” a post, you can do so by deleting the text inside of it but note people can still see the edit history and/or the comments. The post isn’t actually deleted, its content just isn’t shown. I’ll handle the reset.

I turned it into a device post. Mark any comment as a solution so the post closes and no one can comment in it. Also sorry if I was a bit harsh, if I seemed like it I didn’t intend to do that and I’ll try to sound a bit nicer next time.

@Penguin101, please mark a solution to close this post.

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