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Deleted due to poor-quality and basically just a randomizer

Isn’t this just like randomizers?
Also you can save blocks in the 2nd image, WHY DO PEOPLE NOT KNOW THIS YET

Oh, I did not take guides on randomizers into minds when looking for guides to make. I was just throwing something together tbh

if needed I’ll take it down.

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This is literally just a randomizer but a notification…
Also, you can use concatenation for a randomizer:
set Fortune Roll to random integer 1 to 3
broadcast on message on channel, create text with Fortune Roll

IS that a yes on taking it down? Honestly its late for me I’m just tired, I’ll make something better tomorrow

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Here is simplified block code:
Screenshot (43)

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There, all better its deleted now.

Can i flag?

you need to add the create text with block I think… idk

is it needed, IDC if you do but if it was me I’d just leave it

s gonna close anyways soon so why bother?

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No, he acknowledged his mistake, didn’t argue, and closed the topic. That’s a good person right there

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