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so first get a overlay , 2 button , 1 relay and a1 respawner. make to overlay a button. and type in kill. for the text to display. and wire the relay to the respawner and the relay to the over lay. and in the start of game play . make sure the overlay is turned off. and change all global settings to player. and wire to button to the overlay.button pressed activated overlay. and button # 2 is gonna be deactive overlay.make sure ur friend dont see the buttons or the overlays on the screen.

welcome to the commuinty @DARK!

Are you the DARK that was causing trouble on the wixsite???

Welcome to the forum! Be sure to add photos so this is more comprehendable! Also, the troll tag is not used.

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This is not a guide, you may want to include images, and steps in order, it will help make it easier to understand. And welcome to the community @DARK

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[I have a feeling that this is the dark from the Wixsite.]

This guide is short and needs pictures. Also, it has been done before.


It is i knew from the name, and I am not sure, but taht is off-topic for the forum, so i suggest you becareful on here more than the wix, rules are way more strict.

I know it will be…

ok ill delete post in four hours(limit from yesterday carried to today for some reason)

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