(Deleted Guide, Do Not Reply)

(deleted guide)


you can add it creates unnecessary clutter

Note that “bumping” doesn’t count as necroposting as it allows new users to see a very useful topic that was hidden by later topics

you mean no more bumps? bumps are to get the community to see it? or do you mean we cant try to talk to creator?

That’s basically Necrobumping. But i do not know why that’s in the world dictionary since the point of bumping is to bring back old guides. But yeah, necrobumping is allowed.

I will not say you didn’t read my post, since your post came before mine.

I’d say its (ne-croh-post)

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You should add it saying for only Help and Bugs posts. Because this does not apply for guides. Also I thought PSAs weren’t allowed anymore.


It’s not allowed…? But i read most of the part of the forums, and i didn’t see a single message saying that the moderators banned PSAs.

most of the PSAs were from a while ago and most repeat what is already in the guidelines

Please make this not a "psa " People have been over using this. Please use forum-tips instead.


It’s because people don’t read the guidelines. All they think about the forums rules is not to publish map c 0 des or put maps here.

oh theres a lot more than what the rules say


while some people don’t read the guidelines PSAs sometimes just create clutter please don’t ping me again I am leaving this conversation

I would recommend adding the “beginner must read” tag.

This is off-topic as it has nothing to do with GKC.


Also, PSAs on anything other than GKC are no longer allowed. Please close this.


Before your time:

But this one isn’t redundant and may be needed. If Jeffo disagrees, he will remove it. If he does, don’t repost or you could be banned for wasting staff time.

Also, no one make anymore PSA’s, as most of them are completely covered and will just waste possible development time.

Finally, as BH would have told you, this isn’t a PSA, it’s a FA. Please change it accordingly.


Ignore this post.

This is off-topic. It has nothing to do with GKC.