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MANY thanks to @mysz and @Blizzy for the general idea!
Hello, Gimkitters! Today, I will show you how to make a regeneration upgrade for your bases in your games!

Step 1: Place down a Vending Machine and a button. Make sure the Vending Machine is set to “When purchased, transmit on channel. You can make the channel anything. I used the channel “ Activate Regen Health Zone.” Then, make your base for the game. Next, create a zone around your base, set to NOT active on game start. Wire the Vending Machine to the zone, “when purchased, – activate zone.” Go to the zone, and put in a channel in the “When player enters zone, transmit on…” and the “When player leaves zone, transmit on…” . It doesn’t matter what the channel is.

So, now you have your zone that activates when you purchase it via vending machine.

Step 2: Put down a trigger. Make the trigger NOT activated on game start and make sure it’s delay is 0.1 seconds. Wire the zone to the trigger. “When player enters zone, - activate trigger. Then, go into the channels for the trigger and put in the same channel that the zone transmits when players enter the zone, but for the “trigger when receiving on……” . Same thing with the “deactivate trigger when receiving on…”

So now you have a trigger at that activates AND triggers when you enter the zone. It also DEactivates when you LEAVE the zone.

Step 3:(LAST STEP) Finally, place down a Grant Health. Wire the trigger to the grant health. “When triggered, - grant health.” Then, wire the grant health to the trigger! “Player granted health, - trigger.”

And now, we’re done! I’m sorry if this guide was confusing. It looks hard, but all you need is just 4 devices and no blocks, so it’s pretty simple when you get down to it. I hope you guys liked this guide, have fun, and happy Gimkiting!


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This is going to be a great guide. Just remember to finish it soon because you are only a basic so you wont be able to edit forever.

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Looks like you only have one day :frowning:. But, you can wait a week to be a member and then edit it.


Done!!! Lol, sorry again! I’m using a phone to do this for the first time, and it just got all weird.

Oh, mobile is a bit hard to use with the forum, or as I’ve heard. So we all understand what you mean.

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Thank you so much for the support, guys! I always think, “Dang, these guys make guides so quickly! It must be super easy,” but when I do it, I realize that it’s HARD!


This is a really neat first guide though! Now you just need to add some pictures and it will be even better.

Cool wip so far! Just make sure to keep editing it so it doesn’t get locked!

it’s done…
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I suggest adding screenshots to make it easier to understand.

How do I delete this guide? I just realized it doesn’t work…

You can’t delete it once it’s been replied on. I can change the title for you. Then, you can mark a solution to close it.

K. Thanks, @wingwave!

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