Decide What Game I should do

What should I work on?
  • Game I already started working on
  • New game
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ill make another poll later

games I’m already working on:

  • Calculator
  • Hunger-game style game

I don’t think you should ask this community for advice about this sort of stuff…

hey hey hye dont flag this flag warrior

maybe provide details on your current game and new game ideas? it would help people decide and avoid some rants about not giving up on projects and a bunch of your choice answers


there are no flag warriors in these forums, don’t believe the propaganda


the bio is a way of saying they don’t exist
@getrithekd at this point maybe put that in here people keep calling you out on it


I don’t really care if people keep calling me out on it. I’m going to make it even worse though.





Well, this depends.

What new game you going to make?

  1. How much blood, sweat, and tears have you poured into this game? If you have just a lobby and simple teleport feature, sure. Abandon it. But if you’ve invested a lot of time into this, then atleast finish it.

But yeah, if that applies above, you worked hard on it for a long time, finish it.

But if it’s a new game that you think would be super fun and a good investment, go for it. But don’t delete the game slot if you can.

if you have space and don’t need to delete it keep it for later


no blood, no swea, no tears

but I did invest at least a few hours into the game

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eh… don’t know then.

Any new game ideas? Like pvp? Or you looking more toward technical creations? (cause I know you love technical stuff, I think, right…?)

yeah im thinking a owo or ctf style game.

or attempt 3d stuff

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OWO 3d? jk lol

I mean, if you want for it to be fun, your gonna need a unique game, and I don’t think a calculator is very entertaining.

But you could continue the hunger games style game.

looks like game i alrdy started working on won

so new poll

wut game
  • Calculator
  • Hunger game style stuff
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now how complex is this calculator going to be? this sounds interesting

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solve equation
solve inequalities
square roots

ngl most of the stuff on here I don’t even know how to do

I can see all this being possible but so far the technical community has not even gotten close to desmos

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besides that, the only real troubling things I see are solving equations and solving inequalities, but you could definitely solve quadratics. if you want to solve exponential functions or cubics or quartics or whatever, that would be harder

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