Death Message - Player Logs (UI)

How do i make a custom death message show up in the player logs (like on the knockouts) one?

I also need to make it so the username is also colored. (to orange)

I dont know about the coloring but I think there is a block that does that

well what kind of deaths are there going to be?

Screenshot 2024-02-04 9.19.02 PM
Screenshot 2024-02-04 9.19.23 PM
Screenshot 2024-02-04 9.19.36 PM
Here this should work. Here is a finished product: (1)

This might work…

As far as I know you can’t change the color.

ok so you cannot change the username color

and the player death message thing that Crimson Knight linked is ok, but is a duplicate of some other guides.
The Cassian Guide to Making a Fancy Knockout Notification [Difficulty 4/5 or :red_square:]

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I said that, but whatever - use this guide too

I said that at the same time as you, but whatever. it’s not important

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How To Make A Death Message + Death Randomizer! 🟨

Might work but there is no current way to change the color without popups + popups are annoying and stop the player from moving

*Didn’t read other replies first oops

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I said whatever too! I just realized this is a help topic. @FersionSpeedy remember to turn off the settings for the generated one

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