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Okay, so I have a feeling at least SOME of you know what Dead By Daylight is. Any ideas? Also, I don’t need help with the 1 vs many thing. I already solved that, but mainly what I want is the hunter being able to “carry” the survivors and then place them on the hooks. I have NO CLUE how to do that, so I need help.

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Sorry, I don’t know what dead by daylight is. Can you explain it?

:face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: Bruh. Why do I even try. Fine, fine fine fine.
Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical horror game where one player is the Killer and the other four are Survivors. Matches are referred to as trials. The Survivors’ objective is to escape the trial by repairing five of seven generators scattered throughout it to power the two exit gates.

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The Killer wins by carrying the survivors and hanging them on hooks. If you, as the survivor, get hung on the hooks 3 times, you die. I do admit, it’s not a game that I would call kid-friendly, and even I haven’t played it,just watched YT videos on it.

I don’t think we can do the animation, but the other mechanics are possible. The animation might be possible though. Can you escape from the hooks?

Oh, I DEFINITELY wasn’t gonna try the animation. sigh that is my LEAST favorite part of making maps. But specifically, which mechanics could work?

Hanging on hooks and dying. You could have something that detects if the hunter is tagging the person. If the hunter isn’t, the person can’t move. This is pretty primitive though.

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Oh! Thanks! Now, DBD IS POSSIBLE

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K. One last thing: When on the hook, you have to do a minigame to get off. It’s one of those that you have to press the button at the correct time. You have to do that a few times before you free yourself. Any ideas? Or should I not do the “free youself” thing and just stick with the “other player frees you?”

I don’t know. I’ll get back to you later.

You can just teleport them to another area, but you may need a coordinate grid for that. The minigame could be a maze or a death run with sentries shooting at you.

Oh! Thanks! I’ll see if I can try doing it

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Oh, thanks for reminding me!

Your welcome, just helping out.

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