Deactivate-Gadget Barrier Exploit (kinda)

Disclaimer: YES, Firebirds did make this (my friend had this feature in the game, and after seeing this, (he didn’t tell me) I figured out how this works. )
So all credit goes to Firebirds.
So, have you guys tried to make a thing where you can deactivate other peoples gadgets but not yours? Well, I have a way in which you can exploit barriers to do this!
Materials Needed:
wire repeater

  1. add a overlay, add a relay (set to all others.)
    and a barrier (not active on gm start) scope player
  2. Wire overlay to relay, then relay to activate barrier
  3. add a wire repeater. Set delay to 5
  4. Wire overlay to wire repater, then wire repeater to deactivate barrier
    5 add a second wire repeater, delay none.
  5. wire overlay to second repeater, then second repater to hide overlay,
  6. wire the first rpeater to show overlay.

the exploit is that when you are on top of a barrier, you can still move, but cant atk.

it should look soewhat like this:

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Cool! Maybe add pictures?

working on it. problem is, i dont think it works…

not to be mean but, why would you make a guide on something that doesn’t work?

hey @MrEgg i thought you left?

oh it worked with my friend, but i am trying it on my comp, and it doesnt work…


I found a way to get back. but during the summer I will be gone (I will be back sometimes)


yippe and let me see this guide.

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ok so, you should add more pictures.

yeah, i know, it rly bad without pics

It should work. I’ve done it before (atleast the concept)

A zone could be used instead of a barrier by just making it so you can’t fire gadgets in the zone.

I figure it out. here to hlp told me to change scope (iknow, noob mistake, but I havent played or been on forums in like 3 mounths)

It happens :+1:

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I mean you could use zones with the scope of player…
but good tutorial non the less


Sooo very off topic… but It’s kinda funny how you are like… up at this time while others sleep I mean makes sense because of time zone stuff… I am just up because I am bored… but is is really funny. :slight_smile:

yeah, my job is just to solve all help topics that haven’t been solved when the others were up…