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I want to make it so that if I click a button it deactivates for 3 minutes and then activates again, how can I do this?

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You can use a timer that goes off and resets every 3 minutes. When the button in pressed, it transmits a broadcast from a channel, and does 2 things. One, it deactivates itself, and two, it activates the timer, and after 3 minutes (180 seconds) it sends out a broadcast that resets the timer and reactivates the button.

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use a wire repeater set to a delay of 180 seconds and connect it to the button (wire pulse repeated → activate button). wire the button back as well (button pressed → repeat wire pulse). one more thing: make sure button deactivates when pressed

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I’m here, I was reading the page, I’ll try your idea, and @Kosm0-o to see if they work, thank you

but there isn’t a timer device…

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but that takes a lot more time and memory

Yes, but it is more efficient.

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ok i’ll try that :+1:

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Lets say the button transmits the channel, A.

Make it so the button deactivates on A. But the button also triggers a trigger.

Make that trigger have a delay of 180 seconds. Then, make the button activate on B. Make the trigger transmit B.

btw: the letters are just variables/placeholders

oh yeah… wire repeaters do exist.

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Thank you @Kosm0-o and @Unit_72 for your solution, but I understood @Txme_Lxss easier and it’s more simple.
Thank you all for your help though, I really appreciate it.

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If you want the most efficient way, you could also use the wire repeater. (Instead of the trigger) but at that point, it’s only 15 memory. But if you wanna save 15 memory, then you can use wire repeaters.

(I just like the trigger cause it’s much more easier… and 15 memory isn’t that much of a save)

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