Day Two of the showcase map (aka. 2 seasons of Gimkit)

Here is the stuff I added.

  1. Epic Hall o’ Fame! If you were said to be put on here and you’re not, dw my good friend, I’ll add you later.

  2. More timeline signs!

  3. A name!

Comment ideas, dates, and people!

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This is noice…why is it a guide…its more of a showcase…

I don’t know which tag to put it under cause its not really help

This is more of a showcase

Nice Guide!
You should also probably include some GKC Scientific Breakthroughs and Discoveries.
Also, is this a racing game of some sort like GK8?
I suggest including props that represent each timeline, kinda like DLD.
Try making the timelines length and size longer.

Don’t forget to add mysz, Blackhole and Navy!

Its not a racing game, its more a walk through where players can walk on the path and look at the signs.

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