Data Encoding Methods

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bro arent we all teens here and your using words like alphanumeric and Im still in 7th grade math ._.

3 months later Blackhole brings facts to this post.

I have a mind like his just not as mathematically insane as him I am more of a idea man not a full on insanely interesting mathmatical genuine idea man that could change the future

Alphanumeric characters are the characters that are from the alphabet, and also from the numbers 0-9.

Man I suck at math lol- there are people here way better than me. This is more computer science stuff.


holy jenova if thats computer science then what is Harvard or yale or something doing with this info!?

is there a limit to how many characters can be in a property?


It would probably end up being more MIT/Carnegie Mellon, not Havard and Yale, but they wouldn’t be doing anything with this stuff I pointed out here. The idea of this whole thing was to show the fact that gimkit supports a system that is just completely overkill for what the average person uses it for, then proceeding to abuse the heck out of that. Point is, what I’ve done here serves use basically only to english speakers playing gimkit lol.

As far as I know, no. The most data I’ve heard being crammed into a property was about 250k characters, but in theory you can get 7 million unicode characters.

Your going to killy me blackhole literally with the thing your saying
So how old are you =,< lets compare our knowledge

I will probably understand this topic once I actually learn how to use block coding.

This topic train is going to crash if you be off-topic and compare math knowledge. Feel free to share gimkit creative coding knowledge!

here’s some math for 64k encoding:

Only Lowercase

Unique symbols needed to encode 1 character strings: 26
Unique symbols needed to encode 1 character strings: 676
Unique symbols needed to encode 1 character strings: 17576

Limit: 3 characters

Full Keyboard

26 letters
26 uppercase letters
10 digits
10 symbols above digits
18 other symbols on keyboard
= 90 total characters

Unique symbols needed to encode 1 character strings: 90
Unique symbols needed to encode 2 character strings: 1800
Unique symbols needed to encode 3 character strings: 729000

Limit: 2 characters

The thing is unicode has 1.1 mil characters

It’s just trying to make a string of text shorter by assigning random obscure characters to chunks of text. You don’t really need to know any block code to understand that.

As an example, if nobody ever says 好,then why do we need to support it in text objects? Instead, we could assign it to a word, like good. Good is four characters, but if we replace good with 好, then we can compress the text. For example:
“I am good” can become “I am 好”. This compresses the length of the text from 9 to 6, which is pretty good compression! If we do something similar to the other words, we can turn “I am good”, a 9 letter sentence, into “我很好”, a three letter sentance! This is the way the compression works.

Wait what? I thought it only had 140k or something.

weird. I swear i saw something that said it was 1.1

Anyway, I think it’s best that we stick to lowercase alphanumeric characters, plus punctuation.


you know what it means… (and so do i, its my home language)

anyways, ya its beset to stick 2 number, punctuation, letters, and the symbols u can type without unicode

:slight_smile: I was wondering who would be first to notice.

But yeah. I picked lowercase alphanumeric + punctuation since that lets you encode chunks of 3- if you try and capitalize some letters or add more symbols it doesn’t fit into chunks of 3 anymore.

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alr correct me if im wrong (i didn’t read all 38 posts or the topic coz I’m lazy)

we’re storing data.

like ur money or the level or ur items rite?

so why do we need all the symbols and punucation and unicode

we only mainly need numbers and lowercase letters…

seriously this is for blackhole only
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ru Chinese?

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Honestly, I have no clue what data is being compressed here, so I’m just assuming it’s text data, like, for example, all the Harry Potter books lol.

So this could be reworked to only store numbers, in which case we would be able to store a lot more characters (but a smaller set of them).

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