Dark Wooden Sign Prop doesn't have a player collision option in settings

When i click on a dark wooden sign i just made, player collision is supposed to go on featured, right?

Well, it didn’t. Something worse, any option isn’t featured.

(ingore the grass, or else you’ll go touch it)

I looked through all the features, and it still isn’t there.

Is this intentional or is this a bug?

I think that’s intentional. Props like dirt and signs don’t have that option. If you want to give it collision, just place an invisible barrier over it or place it on wall terrain.


Same with spiders and ladybugs.

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I’m sorry but the grass looks like it’s a floating island. I know you said not to notice the grass but it looks like it’s floating.

I know, that isn’t actually in my game, it was a test to see if the prop looked like it only shows up player collision on the island.

Now, please don’t talk about it again. I could get concerned.

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