Dangit i guess I’m making Minecraft

I know, but you can’t, like, do it in-game.
that’s what i meant…

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ok sorrry about that @California_Love

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yeah, you’re alright.
good luck making minecraft, though! :slight_smile:

huh how did you know?

lol, it’s in the title.

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you mean the one from yesterday?

no, this topic.

ik but i posted on like this but different i posted " i need new mobs and bosess" i don’t know if i posted this one though

oh, right. I saw that.

i still need a design for the Ender dragon

maybe someone else can help you with that;
i’m not good with designs…
sorry :frowning:

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oh no i wasnt asking you to design it, sorry

how do you become a member?

i know, but maybe someone else will, luuckily…

Use this:

what is this @California_Love, and btw if i don’t respond i and eating food

Bruh just wondering how are you being forced to make Minecraft. Just wondering cause I just scrolled down

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Oh my bad I just read the post nvm

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