Dangit i guess I’m making Minecraft

Look up minecraft. Also,

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Mark a solution if your happy, and whenever in dought look up the tags.

How were u forced, @MachineFun?

In my post “among us trash chute task”, I asked:

And the poll results were:

So yeah

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Thx. This looks really helpful!


pls close topic if youre finished.

try using item granter for when you craft something

welcome @jason_afton

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hello nice to meet you

and maybe also when you mine a certain material you can get XP like real MC

I’m going to use the crafter for crafting.

welcome @jason_afton. And @MachineFun what you can do is make a crafting recipe that needs two of the same weapons to upgrade to a better one

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Ooo good idea

maybe you can use a common weapon then fuse those to make a rare or uncommon?

I don’t think you can change the rarity of a weapon unless the same weapon is granted in some away taking away the other one.

there are different rarity snowball blasters

I know, but you can’t, like, do it in-game.
that’s what i meant…

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