Damaging Spikes

I need to figure out how to make damaging spikes for my labyrinth map, please help.

Lasers hidden by the spikes

Put a zone around the area you want the spikes in and when a player enters it, an invisible laser appears. When they leave, it disappears. You can use ^ or something as a spike.

Use lasers that activate more lasers when a player is hit by them.

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How do you make lasers invisible?

Set “Show Start and End point” to no and make the laser color black.

You can’t, but you can make them blend in with the background or something like that

Okay, thank you for the knowledge>

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Yes you can.

It’s not entirely invisible but anyways! @MasterOfGims , when you find an appropriate post, be sure to mark a solution!

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That’s because the image I showed was the look in editing mode.
(Or did they patch it?)

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You can! just set the color to black

Does it work for you?