Damager Device: What it Is & How to Use

The damager device is one of the newest devices introduced to Gimkit Creative. This guide is a guide on what the damager is and how to use it.

What is the damager?

The damager device is a device that can be used to deal a specific amount of damage to the triggering player. This allows you to deal any amount of damage from 1 to 10,000! You can also make a custom knockout message in the activity feed if the damage applied knocks out the triggering player (e.g. {name} breathed in too much poison). A picture of the damager’s interior design:

Great ways to use the damager

The damager can be used for a lot of concepts that weren’t possible before, since the damager is the exact opposite of the health granter, allowing for some cool concepts.

An example is using a zone and a damager to make non-oneshot traps. Add a repeater and an optional barrier to make poision fog, great for fornite remakes that are about in GKC. You could have the player be dealt 15 damage every 2-3 seconds the player is in the poison fog. Another idea is to create a minecraft-like void system by using the same devices.

A different combination is a button, a relay, a repeater, and a damager. By setting the relay for all players to trigger the repeater hwne the button is pressed, you could make all players take repeated damage for a certain amount of time (or until someone is knocked out).

Also, a good combination is setting up a vending machine with a repeater and damager to make the player get “poisoned” after drinking a chemical or eating rotten food. You can also make a randomizer when a spell is cast for a random player (including the caster) to take damage.

The last combination would be using a camera point and a damager to suggest the player took damage off-screen (like a cartoonish style). The damager itself is also good for making certain actions (ramming into walls, falling from great heights, etc.) more realistic.


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