Damage increase

i have a vending machine that when u purchase it, theres a wire that leads to damage boost but it increases damage for all the players i think how do i only increase one players damage?

Take a screenshot of what you have. Vending machine → damage modifier should work, but I’m thinking that something with relays inside/outside the vending machine’s messing it up.

Is there an option for scope?

There should be, @Coolcaden26.
Maybe there isn’t. I’ve never heard of a player scoped vending machine.
If so, you can also make it so that it can be purchased only once!
By the triggering player? I guess, but only if it has scope.

Make sure the active scope is for the player and not global. You can find it in the availability tab.

no but the damage boost needs to have a scope

Have the damage boost activate when the item is purchased using channels.
They are MUCH more efficient and handy.
Is there an option where the damage boost has scope, as well as the vending machine?

oh ok i will check that

no i dont think there is an option is there any other device that lets increase damage?

This is all I had to do.

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i did that so now it will only increase the person who purchases it?

It should yeah :grinning:


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