Da Epic Platformer Thumbnail request

Can anybody make me a thumbnail for my map?

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Please reply? anyboy?!?

Please!!! I need help!

can you like…describe what is the thumbnail about?

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is that the name?

Its about my epic platformer and yes its the name

The first 3 summits are custom the
Last 6 are based on real summits from don’t look down

Anybody? :frowning: please?!

Come on i really need it

  1. Could you condense your messages?
  2. Its somewhat late, maybe the artists aren’t online.
  3. Have you tried making your own?
  4. Describe what you WANT in the thumbnail, and don’t just give the name.

I want gims jumping over lasers

And some falling into the lasers

and…which Gim/Costume?

Unreleased gims and default

Due date sunday 12:00 pm new york time

Condense what you want in a single post… this isn’t a texting app.

What specific unreleased gims do you want? What terrain do you want in the map?


Terrian grass and dark scraps gims burger gim gamer and gamer green and 2 more of your choice 3 default gims

Going to sleep not posting till morning

Is it the morning for you??
Because im an artist


YESSS cccan you help meee?