Cyber sewer i need help with more detail it looks bland

give me ideas

dude i don’t think your screenshot worked

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yeah maybe get another screenshot

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i dont know why

screenshot works now

try putting a lot of space junk in there. also put trash, cans, and more stuff that look ruined.

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try doing different layers to make it pop. Instead of the green plastic, use alien plants.

Green water, maybe?

there is no green water


Oh, I forgot to check. My bad!

they should add though

i got something

oh and is it fine if i addyour coments in vid i wont show names

It’s all fine! The sewer is looking a lot better!

okay thx

go sub to lokisrank

What do you mean?

probably on YouTube.

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i havent taken eny picks yet and yes

What is the channel name again?

Also I feel like this is getting off-topic