Custom media <help please>

Hey. I was wanting to make a Gimkit themed deck of cards. If I somehow made a custom emoji, would I be able to paste it in? I’m making a card game In Gimkit! I know that images aren’t allowed, but would this work?

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If the custom emoji is an image that you can’t copy and paste then you wouldn’t be able to make the deck of cards. If you can copy and paste the emoji then it would work

Ok, do you know if U can make an emoji?

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I’ve tried before but the ones I’ve used have just been images. Let me check to make sure

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Yeah they r all just images not copy and paste. Try searching up the emojis you want to use for the deck of cards

Ok, I wanted a Gimkit emoji for jokers and king/queen, anyways thanks!

:black_joker:🂽🂾 these are some emojis I found for joker queen and king.


Or you could try and make the cards yourself using barriers and emojis. Why anyone would try and do this I will never know. Perhaps @WolfTechnology might give this a go.

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The reason in for a card game In Gimkit I am making

Thats a good Idea!

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