Custom knockout messages and checkpoints (COD ZOMBIES game)

I was thinking of making custom messages when a zombie defeats you, but idk how to do it. Idk how to do the checkpoint either. The checkpoints i was thinking because i’m making a make it to the end and kill the boss to finish kind of map. I’m not trying to make people rage when they die and start at the beginning.

use a pop up wired to a knockout manager, and use teleporters as the check points, just like OWO(one way out).

Are you using sentries as zombies or a player as a zombie?

sentries as zombies.

what do i have the settings set to?

im a bit confused maybe little bit more help

I was trying to make this on my own map I think you will have to use blocks to do this. The way i’m doing this is moving levels of sentries onto specific teams based on types of zombies. Then based on the team I set a property which a checker would check to tell us who got killed by what zombie.

What messages are you trying to send to who

Like a knockout message when a sentry knocks you out

You could link a life cycle that detects if a player dies to a notification. The issue with this is that everything would give a notification.

I’d be ok with it how do i do it

place down a lifecycle device. Click on the life cycle device and change the setting where it says “game start” to “player knocked out” now place down a notification device and modify it to your preferences. Now put a wire from the lifecycle to the notification. The wire should be:
Event occurs --send notification

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isnt there an activity feed block that adds things to a supposed activity feed for players to see (i cant get it to work yet)

yeah there is, try using a death channel or pop up, ive seen it done before.

Everything you did here was right but I found that if you want your death screen to be big use popup’s instead of notifications.

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