Curious Effects Involving A Player Counter and How To Find Them

Are there any interesting or helpful effects that you can do with a static/live player counter? Any answers would be much appreciated!

#1: Thanos Snap. It’s pretty cold when you figure it out. First, you take the number of players in the game, divide it by two, and add one if the original number was odd. Next, have a button → relay that calls a random player. In block code (it’s faster), have it check if the player has an item. If the player doesn’t have it, have block code run a random number between 1 and 2. If the number is 2, send a message to grant the player an item, respawn the player, decrement the property storing the number of players by one, check if it’s equal to 0, and if not, retrigger the relay. If it is equal to zero, do nothing.


??? Well, you can have a repeater. Something like this:


No, I know HOW to make one, I was asking if you knew of any other cool things that involve a player counter, because a guide on the Thanos snap would be REALLY short.

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Oh, that’s actually such a great idea. Nice for a King of the Hill game.

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I know how to do the snap!
although maybe you could recurse a relay x times to do that too, I don’t know

You don’t need a repeater though. You just need to update it when we need it. So when we need to give everyone 1000 divided by the number of people cash, we trigger the player counter. This is just my preference here, but I prefer the player ID player counter because it allows for richer games and interactions.

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