CS:2 Map ideas + how do I make the bomb

I am making a Counter Strike map, so far, the “bomb” is a ball, but I am questioning whether or not I should change this, I am not planning on uploading this, but if I am, would I still be able to have the teams labeled as “Terrorist” and “Counter-Terrorist”?

wip is only for guides

probably not
and thanks for removing it @Cellofive you saved me from doing it


Custom team names have (sadly) not been put in the game. You can put an opening pop up saying your team to distinguish it.

I have it somewhat like this, in the team “spawn” room where you can buy everything, it has the name and a basic description of what to do

i doubt you can use those labels.
your map is likely be flagged for that if it was uploaded, as people will find that offensive.
however, as long as you don’t upload it, you should be fine.

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