Crumbling Tiles for Platformer Map

I am making a platformer map that has many different kinds of platforms. I cant think of a way to make tiles (or barrier platforms) that can crumble without using too much memory. Please help.

@whoami, @top-z and @clicclac should be able to help you with that, I think, since it’s in AoMS.


Are you looking for this to be animated or simply just collapse

Some of the device settings are not directly named but you should get the point

to have it collapse (simply)
  • Place a zone that broadcasts on start deactivate platform. Have the zone deactivate on the same channel and then activate on activate platform
  • place a trigger with collision and appearance off. Make it have a delay of 3-5 seconds. Have it receive on start deactivate platform and broadcast on deactivate platform.
  • duplicate the previous trigger. Change the delay to 7 seconds. Make the trigger receive on deactivate platform and broadcast on activate platform
  • make a barrier. Have it activate on activate platform and deactivate on deactivate platform.

If crumbling means they disappear after you step on them:
Put a trigger near the platform where the player should touch them. The trigger should either have wire connecting to the barrier, telling the barrier to disappear, or a channel that does the same thing. If you have more than 7 triggers (to detect collision), use a zone. The trigger delay is how long you want the barrier to stay before it disappears.
The signals should be triggered → deactivate barrier.

If you want the barriers to respawn:
After the trigger triggers, it should send a signal to a wire repeater (or other trigger). The delay of the the wire repeater/trigger is how long you want it to wait before re-appearing. The wire repeater or 2nd trigger should send a signal telling the barrier to activate.


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Yah, but since they are “tiles” wouldn’t it be more efficient with tirggeres?
(seriously I have a problem, I like triggers too much)


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