Creative map bug

I published my new game a few days back and it does not show up on gimkit creative discovery and has also gotten 0 plays. Does anyone know how to fix this? It is called Team Deathmatch (Seasons)

Put the name of the game in the description.


Now you should be able to search for it. Gimkit is weird and searches for map description. I would also recommend putting your username in their so when they want to find all of your games they can.

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Mark a solution!

Man I don’t have the season pass so I had to pay 1000 gimbucks for it…

I WANT A REFUND :smiling_face_with_tear:

Why are you forcing me to???

To close the topic. And clean up clutter.

I have the same bug, but instead whenever i search it up, it still doesn’t show and it was also published a few days back. The game name was also in the description. You still can’t find it in discovery :frowning:

I guess you could unpublish it then try to publish it again but idk

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