Creating minecraft-like "server" game. Any thoughts?

Fixing to create a minecraft-like(the hive) server game. Any ideas? The 4 gamemodes are capture the flag, hide n’ seek, zombie survival, and PvP. (also, may add a racelike game)

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Maybe a pvp arena in it?

:slight_smile: Yeah, im doing that

Make sure that once you leave a mini game, everything that is a part of that game stops. This sounds similar to an arcade, so just make sure you can’t one-tap people by tagging them in a non-tag game! Mixing tagging with weapons requires giant buffs to the weapons group, as they are effectively playing with one hit point against a juggernaut like boss.


Welcome to the forum! That’s a pretty good idea actually! Have you made a leaderboard that accumulates points from all games?


Spleef, treasure chests, all the structures. How are you going to make mobs?

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Ok, thanks! I will try to do that!

No, it’s like a minigame server.

I haven’t started making the games yet, but I will add that, thanks!