Creating an attack for a boss

While creating my boss battle game, I’ve been trying to make an attack (using zones and damagers), and have it repeat every 10-15 seconds. I’ve tried on my own and had no luck.

i’ve also made a boss battle, using lasers. but i don’t understand what’s wrong, is it that the attacks don’t work? I mean, what are the attacks?

For phase 1 (the phase that I’m working on), the attack is a fireball attack which I’m trying to repeat every 10-15 seconds.

Are you trying to make it damage you only in certain areas, or just damage you in general? Because if you’re trying to damage a player in general, you can just use damagers to damage the triggering player.

I have the function for the attack down, I am trying to repeat the attack every 10-15 seconds.

Bump because problem hasn’t been solved yet.

Get a wire repeater to repeat the attack every 10-15 sec.

Can you use that to repeat a channel? I’ve tried on my own and been unsuccesful.

Just wire it to a trigger to activate it. Then, when the trigger activates, transmit on a channel. Make sure to wire the trigger back to the wire repeater!

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I did that before, and the attack worked … But, since I was using zones and damagers, the zones were still activated and dealing damage.

Can you explain the whole system? Im a bit confused…