Crashing Systems

So I have a racing map. I’d like to implement crashing into other people into it. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE SUGGESTIONS ON THE CRASHING METHOD!!! I want help on how to detect how close the players are, and I have a system to use that in crashing. I have the following constraints:

Minimal block usage per corner (I have 14 corners)
It’s detection time is adjustable
No tagging
It has to be scalable for more than 2 people
See post 11
Maybe more to come.

I assume you want to replace the speed limit system.

No that’s going to stay. It’s crashing with other people. I should probably add that…

In the tag device, it can detect when two players are a certain distance away from each other, it doesn’t necessarily need to actually tag someone

Ik, but I’d have to separate them into FFA (this means I can only support a limited amount of people). There’s also a tag zone limit of 6 people, and you can’t really have tag zones conflict with each other.

Have you tried using zones with counters yet?

I’m guessing you have, but I just want to put it out there.

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The problem is comparing and scaling it for not just 2 people. It would be easy if only 2 people entered the corner at a time. I’ll add scalability to the constraints.

Can’t you just have it when a player enters the zone, it increments the counter? And when they leave, it decrements?

I feel like I’m missing something important.

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It’s not just for a zone. I’ll take a picture of what I want.

Oh, ok. That’ll help.

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I am entering the corner at the left. Say Bob is also entering at the left. If so, we crash. If Bob enters at the middle, we have a lower chance of crashing. If Bob enters at the right side, we have an even lower chance.

Have you tried using triggers? They’re probably going to be the key in this problem.

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Yeah I think I have a working design; I just need to test it.

So, how did it go?

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I don’t think it works… I’ll have to test it more to see the flaw in it.

How is it?

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