Crafting Table Teleporter

The new Crafting Table was released yesterday. Yesterday also was when I made a map and my friend stole my O.P. item off my Crafting Table. Now, I have made a teleporter of sorts that can teleport you to your recipe once it is done, keeping it safe and not up for grabs.

Materials Needed:

  • 1 Crafting Table
  • 1 Crafting Recipe
  • 1 Teleporter
    Screenshot 2024-01-23 2.37.36 PM

First, configure the Crafting Recipe to whatever you want it to. This is my example of a recipe:

Next, add these settings to the teleporter:

Finally, wire the Crafting Table to the teleporter like so:

Now you should have a Crafting Table that can teleport you to your item without anyone getting to it first.


It was actually made on the 19th. But anyways, nice guide!


You could switch this to “Make the teleporter invisible”

also, @GimSolver your new prof. Pic is cute :slight_smile:


This is cool! And brilliant.

person: sir

crafter: yes?

person: your order is ready

crafter: ~magical teleporting noises~

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You could also make the scope of the crafting table to player which only shows the player their crafts instead of other player’s crafts.

you could also connect the teleporter to the recipe so that only that recipe teleports them

True lol. I wasn’t on the forum when it was released, so I thought it released the day I checked the forums.

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That is valid, however if someone totally new to the forum saw this and read “Make the Teleporter invisible” They might not have an idea on what that means.