Crafting List Order Getting Messed Up

I put all of them in order:
1 Zapper (common)
1 Zapper (uncommon)
1 Zapper (rare)
1 Zapper (epic)
1 Zapper (legendary)
1 Wooden Wand (legendary)
1 Gold Key

It was normal before, now every time when i start the game, the order gets messed up.

It’s not happening to the farm plots, but it’s happening to the crafting table. Even worse, it’s happening to ALL The crafting tables on the group.

Did you refresh?

Yep, it’s still doing the same issue.

@FersionSpeedy No I don’t think that’s the problem. Maybe this has something to do with AUO. I remember that I had a similar issue with end game widget order, so maybe this may also be the case. For now just try and rearrange the recipes until you like it.

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But my map doesn’t really have AUO.

If @raeB solution doesn’t work maybe just try deleting and remaking the recipe

It probably does.

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Josh said to stack them, and put the first one on top and last one on bottom


" When a player goes to a Crafting Table, all recipes are displayed on a list. The order of the list is determined by where you place the Crafting Recipe device. If you want a recipe to appear first, put that Recipe Device above all the others!"
its in the doc thing

Yup there we go it’s AUO confirmed similar to widget order. Ok @FersionSpeedy I think you can mark a solution now.

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