Cozy cottage decor help

I made a medival cottage, I don’t know what else to add though, and it looks plain.

The sign is there to make a roof.


Maybe add a flower pot

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Where should I add it? What area of the cottage

Maybe the top right corner
(But add more than one with different colors)

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Maybe add:

  • Small pool.
  • Bathroom w/ toilet.
  • Bedrooms.

You could also add an entire indoor garden instead of just 1 flower. How’s that work?

All the flower pots look too modern

It’s a one room house

Oh… OK.

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Why didn’t you use the fireplace prop? I would suggest some sort of desk, maybe with a codex, scroll, just make it look like a work place.

Confusing stuff


Good idea.

is there because I can’t make a roof, so I made a subsitute for one

Yes, but you could have just said that it was your roof, not your roof-like roof.

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I updated my cottage using Here_to_help’s suggestion.

(I also added little toys on the fireplace)


Wow! I love all of the toys! Here, have a like! (I’m out! Why did I have to be demoted to Member!) Also, why is the fireplace a toy on the fake fireplace?


add a carpet maybe? tint it to a pastel color though, will add to the cozy idea.

well you could add a well outside and then have some barrels of water inside

Because “the fireplace” prop is a actually a oven (Look at the names of props)

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There is no outside, this is a lobby area.

How would I make a carpet (no coral rugs, too much memory)

ah well can they see outside some deceration outside can allow for more props inside

perhaps just a barrier? maybe with smaller barriers of the corners. ill make an example in a sec,