Counter help need to use for the exercise part of game

how do i make it so when the button is pressed it skips by 5 instead of me putting 4 triggers + the button to make it count by 5


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you cant have it increment in 5s I think.

oh dang ok then i guess all i need to know is how to make it increment by more than 1
without using triggers

you have to use trigger loops. it hink

wire repeaters maybe?

But you might have to just use triggers. I think that’s your best bet.

A trigger loop could work, but he wants it instantly, so it’s harder to recognize.

You could use a constantly changing game overlay or constantly changing text, hide the counter, and then multiply the value of the counter by 5 when displayed (as a property).


like a relay sort of thing? sorry im terrible with this im good at design

when you use 2 triggers (one delayed and one not delayed) to create a loop so that something constantly happens.

uhm so could you by chance explain with images im really terrible at understanding things sorry.
im more visual learner

check out this topic:
Invisible counter

It should help. You will have to change the blocks in the text to multiply by 5

thank you! sorry for late reply i was eating dinner

Nice Game! (Sorry for the clutter)

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