Couldnt think of a good title for this one folks

lemme paint the picture 4 henchmen sentries, one boss. once you defeat the henchmen, the boss spawns, perfect right? Yeah only i dont know how to do it i tied using a checker but i cant figure anything out!

Boss is deactivated on game start, when each henchman is killed, increment a counter with target value of 4, when target value reached, activate sentry.

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thats litterally exactly what i did. can u give me the counter settings

Click on the “target” tab and set Target to “yes.” Set the target value to four.

nothing other changes any senrty setting changes?

For the boss sentry, set active on game start to no.

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first one is what it looks like in game ( I accedently killed one) what am I doing wrong

Make sure the sentry isn’t active on game start.

Is the boss active on game start?

that was it thank you

now i have another problem

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