Could you Theoretically carry over damage on prop

This would be a pretty cool idea and want to know if it make be possible


you were
and no there is nothing to detect damage

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Idk……maybe if there was an update that introduced an mechanic that cloud let anything in its range detect if there’s damage…sadly idk if there is this kind of thing…

And the answer is…

A hard no.

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But with properties may there maybe be a way for properties to detect it and then it will set that item to that health?


There’s no way to detect hits. Or damage.

Although that may be true I still believe there must be some way

Maybe using a counter, but idk, let me see…

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Unless it is destroyed, and puts the prop health onto something else, than no.


no not destroyed just damaged

Well you could probably do something but, this is theoretical so basically my theory is that you have a counter that has the same amount as the prop’s starting value and another counter that tracks how much ammunition you have for your gadget, the theory is that depending on how much damage the gadget does when the ammunition goes down, the prop’s counter goes down by how much the gadget does per ammunition, this would only work if the player was only hitting props, and only shot once, it is also depending on whether the have good aim of not. But so far this is the only solution I can think of. Also it isn’t tested, if you don’t understand I could explain it to you.

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Could we possibly make a Theory guide about this?

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Theoretically you can track hits by placing a bunch of props on top of each other, but it doesn’t exactly work the best or save very much memory


what whereismyhat said. i think shdwy or getrithekd made a guide on this if you want more specifics.

i can try to find it give me a second

and then after implementing this, you could probably wire each prop to a trigger that subtracts a properties amount, and then you have a property that you can use anywhere, so you can carry it over

@Gimkitsuggestor i made an edit so im pinging you so you see it

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Well, I get what @Gimkitsuggestor is saying, although there is no automatic way to do it yet.
I mean, not supposedly, but—

There might be a way, but we just need to elaborate.
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@LlamaLady22 i thought you were @William you guys have the same profile!


We could, I guess, but to make it a success all of the factors would have to be in motion. (Then again that is what makes it a theory)

Should I make a theory guide of it???
  • Yes
  • No
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Is having a theory guide about this worth it?
I mean, it’s not anything advanced, but it’s just an idea. It could be possibly done easily.
With blockcode and triggers, this could—be possible…


yeah it’s not really a theory if we know how to implement it

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well than try doing it then

If you cant then we can keep going from there