Could we make melees like this?

In theory, we could make melees.

But how? This is one of the most sought out things to develop, or not even worked on at all, and we pretty much all accepted defeat that melees made by the player are pretty much impossible.

Heres my theory. What if, we just put a bunch of barriers, and triggers to teleporters in a zone. It’ll have to be small, because the amount of memory would not be nice probably.

And a zapper.

So in theory, the zapper will hit the wall, and collide, making it disappear, like a melee, but the player will still be able to move.

I’m sorry if I got your hopes up for actual melees actually performing like real melees, but I just wanted to get my idea out and see if it could actually, just maybe, work.

Quick summary of how it works:
Player still moves with triggers and teleporters
Barrier is the reason why we need triggers and teleporters, but blocks projectiles getting far, giving it short range like a melee.

Possibly, but this would take up SO much space

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Yeah, thats why I said in a small area.

But this just might be possible, with enough tinkering and the right amount of space.

I’m thinking of using a coordinate grid for a melee system which could track the direction of your gim from the placements of your previous position, making it able to create hitboxes and parrying, however, this system would have many flaws and would take up a ton of memory.

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Yes, but that would be impossible. Parrying? Yeah I know that, but how would you even parry in the first place if we couldn’t track player hits?

I think JUST a really basic melee thing is good enough. I think that’s cool, and could be used as like a minigame in a game or whatever they would call it. But I think this could be possible, a really basic melee system.

The coordinate system would check the direction of your gim and see if another gim is inside the specified coordinates, thus able to create range for your melees; you can also implement parrying by clicking a button interface and blocking the hit of the person attacking.

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Yeah, and put a prop there, act as it’s your player. If the prop gets touched, it loses. Just make it 1 hp, like one of those sword fighting things with the long thin stick, I forgot the name of it, but yeah, something like that.