Could this be a bug or am I simply not understanding something?

Clearly, I am not the most intelligent person, and this may be the easiest combat coding, but I still need help…

(if my grammar makes zero sense just know I’m not English)

2 things:

What’s the problem? what isn’t working?

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I attempted to create a test to confirm that I still remember how to give the player the Blaster, but it is not giving anything. I did input the command “player enters zone” and expected the Item Granter to give the item, but I am unsure if this is a bug or if I am simply misunderstanding the process. (also the tags were random because it wouldn’t let me post it with the normal tags)

did you try in the “test game” in the bottom right?

if you spawn or teleport inside of a zone the game can’t detect you are there

Yes I am using a test so I don’t ruin the other devices

Theirs no teleporter it’s a empty test game.

can you send pictures of the device settings


I mean the settings for the zone and item granter

I would try just building another, or maybe delete that world make a new one, and then try again

Can we see the settings for the zone and item granter, please?

not the wire settings the settings for the device itself

I didn’t adjust it I didn’t know it had settings

Try Reloading Your Browser. Maybe It’s A Little Bug?

can you screenshot the settings

you had to know you chose what device you wanted to grant

Maybe Put A Game Overlay That Tracks The Amount Of Blasters You Have And See If It Changes.

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I will try but I think it will reset my docs for all the endings

It Happened To Me Too. So…