Could Splatoon Be Possible in GKC?

Ok so, I got the idea to make a Gimkit Splatoon map, which I feel could be possible in GKC. I’m thinking that the turf war paint stuff could be done using props with no collision that will activate the paint when destroyed with a weapon. Would that work? Also, would the map be better in platforming or not?

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anything is possible with a bit of imagination and skill.

but it might be hard.

i guess platform might be better and it might also look good but i’m not to sure with
the weapon part

oh my god :D, please, please, please. i would help

it would not be good in platforming your going to have to make a 2d look 3d. its possible. and then for props. not so good of an idea. maybe make it brushes only, bc they run ink along the ground. and they fight close range. if you want to make props work for painting. then you also have to make the paint turn back

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Wait why don’t you try to somehow when players sh00t a barrier shows up to act like paint?

hey hey hey dont share the game c.o.d.e on here put it on your profile @Scrimmy
if you need to…

Is there any other way to detect when a weapon has been fired? Or if its projectile hits anything?

not asking for a gamec0de. i can’t help, got to much work to do

that i don’t know, i will call who i know best. though i havent been around so lets see

@WolfTechnology @getrithekd @Blackhole927

and then anyone whos technical in wires, please call them here

ok thats good @Lostsea3

anyway ima leave so i dont get flagged for being off-topic.

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ok, thanks guys :slight_smile: I appreciate the help

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wait how is this considered off topic

(another way to do it is maybe make maps that are mostly flat, so that you won’t have b1ind areas, cover areas should be out of the way for painting)

There’s a lifecycle option for that now!

OMG I didn’t know that. tysm

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