Could somebody help me Create the "UnderGround" from "UnderTale"?

(this section was used for a cutscene, so there is no top-down version)


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He isn’t sharing codes tho, he is just asking for advice to make this

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Yeah I know, I was just saying

Thanks for the advice, I’ll do my best with what you gave me!

Yeah but idk if I’m able to do that with an “UnderTale free for all”

Got that
you can help correct?

Got it I think you would be a great help in this project as well!

Whoever wants to help just reply and I will do whatever I can to get you guy’s in

I can help you at about 12pm CST, if that will work for you.

Sure but at this point its about 20 mins past tho

you might want to ping him say like @WolfTechnology

Sorry that im late to reply i just left school a got starbucs but now I am back.

Can you host now and let me get on and make the wall art?

Make sure to mark a solution to avoid clutter!

Are you possibly able to help me with one more thing as well?

Yes, what may that be?

Hope this helps a little!


@GimKnight91 welcome back
this looks great!

Welcome back @GimKnight91

Welcome back, @GimKnight91 That design looks like it might be good for a temple of gold or something like that.