Could People give me Ideas for Crafting recipes?

I need an idea what I could use it for or something Because it looks so cool and want to use it

I am mindblown and cant think straight of what to use it for ITS SO COOL AND USEFUL

use it to make like a weapon

… I get that but uh my head hurts because of it being new so it is going to take a while to quite understand and use the item

what kind of game do you want to implement it into?

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Get a crafting table and add a recipe pretty easy

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Well what style of game are you making? If you are making an rig maybe crafting some medpacks or gadgets for progression. Or you could use what gimkit has already used in their games.

wait wrong topic my bad

How do you even work the crafting table? Has anyone made a guide on it?

its the seed planting mechanic

now lemme learn my german and mandarin Please I dont want Duolingo locking my family up

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It’s in tugted2. Go check it out.


because we have so many devices now apparently


How to craft a banana, perfect! I can’t wait to craft a banana on a crafting table. Just one yellow seed, some water, some energy. Yeah no, lol that doesn’t work. Maybe put that in the game call it how to craft a banana. The whole purpose of the game is to craft unorthodox things.


lol that’s funny. Hey, thanks for referencing the guides @Haiasi

how 2 make a bluvberry: hello everyone! this is the weekly show of COOKING AND BAKING WITH JDAT! first, grab a gimberry, water it, and u have a yellow seed! grab water to make a banana! make another banana for a strawberry and make another strawberry for a watermelon! make another watermelon for bluvberry! welp, see you next time! (xd) that was the funniest recipe. making stuff for a single blueberry. thats my idea for a recipe.

Hey @JDAT_Is_Cool I just got a notification that says I earned wiki editor. Does this mean I’m a regular? I thought only regulars could edit wiki posts… Sorry for being off topic, I just need to know. (and your probably the only one on right now).

well, no. i have wiki editor but i’m not a regular. anyone can edit a wiki, that’s why when you see a wiki, it says something like “DO NOT EDIT” so, you’re not a regular yet. edit: back on-topic

that’s ok thanks for clarifying, now lets get back on topic.

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First of all, please don’t add a mechanic solely for the purpose of having that mechanic. That being said, maybe have recipes for armor? Like the different shards give you more health.