Corruption Tag Hiding Problem

In my Tag Corruption Map, People Are Hiding Behind Props Way Too Much. This Is More Corrupted Hide And Seek Right Now. I still want people to be able to hide, just not be hiding all the time. Any Ideas?

Have a timer that resets when somebody moves. Make that timer kill the player when it reaches 0.

You are good a mechanics, you could make it to where if a player stays still for a certain amount of time, their location is given for 5 seconds for the seekers…?
You can use @getrithekd 's idea as well…
*Also do I have your permission to try and make a game like keep away?
and if so, will you help me? *

That’s exactly what I said…

Yes, You Have Permission.
If You Publish It, Make Sure To Credit Me For The Idea

Thank you, If you are on the Wix, I can post a code and show you what I have gotten so far, and you can put in your credit.
if not, I will still do it.

Me screaming in my head that i was blessed to be able to create a wonderfull game–"YEAH BOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

do the archives, I still can’t get into the official wix :frowning:

Ok, just made a post in code sharing only…