Copy and pasting a game c0de link is glitching

When I click the c0de link when I am hosting it takes two times…is this going to be fixed? It is slightly annoying as if I have something copy and pasted and only click code link once I am searching something weird I could even have copy and pasted a channel saying knocked out or how to knock out for instructions and get called to guidance! (that almost happened when I searched blue weapons because I copy and pasted that channel around on a few mechanics)

This has happened to me every time I host and copy the link or copy a channel/function word. You can try restarting your device, and it will work, but not perminatly, or you can just click copy twice, its a weird bug that is for certain people which is why its not fixed yet.

I have restarted many times…it’s not a major bug, but I just was wondering if they plan to try and fix it.

Like most bugs, there is nothing the community can do to help. All we can do is advise you to shut down your device. That’s all.

Ok solved no more responses please!


There is a small idea, not sure if its legit or not, but the discord said that to semi fix it open up another map(the same one) in another tab, then X out of the first one, it should work. They also said that it may be your interent conflicting or lagging. But no plan to fix it because its rare and for certain people, not everyone.

Wouldn’t that be the same as opening it twice?

I can see you responds @WolfTechnology! please stop! we have solution…

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it would, but it refreshs the connetion, and it works 75% of the time when i do it.

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Everyone can, but yes i will stop.

This topic has come to a close!

Oh, @LegoBuilder, I saw that you need a pfp and this is off-topic but here
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What i just got where i could mark hearts again since i maxed out yesterday! now i have to wait 7 hours till i can mark a second heart? my one on @WolfTechnology was my first one today!!!gahhh now i will only have like 5 hearts today instead of 50!

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Oof, well I found a background image for your profile. You can change it after winter, if you would like. That and a few names, becasue you said you wanted those too. Blaze, Phoenix, and Ember. Let me know if you like those @Legobuilder.


Yeah I might try to mix up those names!( how do i change my username?)

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